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A Birthday Milestone for 71-Year-Old Cerebral Palsy Woman

Posted by on 2nd Feb,2013 in Category Blog ~ Comments Off

Earlier this month, Mary Nay celebrated her 71st birthday. In honor of her special day, she decided to defy her cerebral palsy and reached a personal milestone. “I walked two and a half miles today: 30 laps around the track,” she said.

Nay has dealt with cerebral palsy since birth, and struggled with limited mobility for 25 years. However, her physical abilities greatly improved once she joined ACAC’s program Physician Referred Exercise Program, or P.R.E.P.  Dr. R. Bentley Calhoun explained: “She was a patient who really wanted to take that step forward and wanted to get stronger and improve her independence.”

Nay hopes that her birthday success will set an example for other cerebral palsy patients. “Anyone here or that’s hearing this who doesn’t think exercise can help- they are wrong,” she said. “A lot of times I didn’t want to come. A lot of things I didn’t want to try.”


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