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There are many risks to a new unborn child during delivery and labor.  If there is malpractice and negligence involved the risks can become that much worse.  Most cases involving labor malpractice (delivery malpractice) occur because of a failure to undertake a c-section, failure to accurately monitor fetal signs involving distress, and other complications connected to induced labor.  Often these can result in cerebral palsy.

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Medical Negligence and C-Sections

Fetal distress may often lead to a c-section.  Signs of fetal distress include: lack of oxygen to the brain and reduced heartbeat.  In these instances a c-section must be administered as soon as possible in order to prevent the fetal brain from experiencing injury. Any failure of the medical staff to delay a c-section when there is clear fetal distress can cause permanent brain damage to the baby.

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Mistreatment of Difficult Birth

Many times a difficult birth results in the medical staff forcing an extraction of the child from the mother.  This involves forceps and also suction to get the baby out from the mother’s womb.  There are many risks involved with this like permanent injury such as nerve damage known as brachial plexus injury (birth palsy).

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Complications with Induced Labor

There are many instances when a doctor and medical staff try to avoid a c-section by speeding up a delivery. This is known as inducing labor. In order to do this they will use Ocytocin, but this drug has many adverse side effects on both baby and mother.

For example, if fetal distress is detected then the oxytocin needs to be cut off immediately. There are a few moments to decide how to proceed from labor induction to a c-section. A poor judgment and medical mistakes can unfortunately cause permanent injury to the baby.


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