Preventing Birth Injuries with the Use of In-Utero Steroids

One of the most physically, emotionally, and financially stressful ordeals that a new mother and family can endure, a premature childbirth is often ripe with risk and medical complications. Once a doctor, medical clinic, or hospital suspects that a baby may be born prematurely, they must act swiftly, ensuring that they make every effort to…Read More >>

The Alpha-Fetoprotein Test (AFP) and What High Levels of the Protein Could Mean for Your Baby

Pregnant mothers undergo a number of crucial screenings during their months of pregnancy. It is the responsibility of doctors, medical centers, and hospitals to order and interpret the results of these screenings appropriately, heeding the laws and guidelines of a larger medical community. Alpha-fetoprotein, a byproduct of an unborn baby’s liver, is one such substance…Read More >>

The Occurrence of Cerebral Palsy in U.S. Hospitals

As disturbing as it may be for us to ponder, we sometimes find ourselves subject to medical malpractices. Because human error is still as much a part of our reality as ever, cases of birth injuries and other medical misfortunes plague us to this day. According to a statistic from the United Cerebral Palsy, a…Read More >>