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Boy with CP Walking Into 2014 After Community Sponsored Surgery

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Eight-year-old Joseph Hill is making wonderful progress after surgery took him out of his wheelchair and onto his feet. Joseph was born with cerebral palsy, and was going to have a special operation paid for by the National Health Service until the rules changed and the family discovered they would need to pay for the operation out of their own pockets.

The community of Yorkshire rallied behind Joseph and raised the £40,000 needed for the surgery after the Yorkshire Evening Post published the plight of Joseph Hill in July. Joseph had the procedure done at Leeds General Infirmary, and is now making a fabulous recovery.

Hill’s mother, Angela said, “It’s just a wish come true. It’s such a different future for him now. Mobility hopefully won’t be an issue. There’s still a long way to go but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel where there was not before.”

Joseph will have physiotherapy for at least the next two years and is expected to continue making great progress.

“Every day there’s an improvement. It’s been amazing,” said Angela. “He has gone from walking on a walking frame to tripod sticks. He’s also managed to take a few independent steps by himself. We cannot wait for the next year to come.”

Angela added that, “We could not have done it without everybody’s help.”

Joseph had a procedure called a selective dorsal rhizotomy which is expected to be able to allow Joseph to one day walk unaided. Because the surgery needed to be done before Joseph’s ninth birthday, which is next month, the community quickly organized to raise the needed funds as soon as it was discovered that the NHS no longer paid for it.

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