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Cerebral Palsy Artists Paint City Plows

Posted by on 14th Dec,2012 in Category News ~ Comments Off

Over the past four weeks, YWCA, ASPIRO and Cerebral Palsy Center members joined forces to create some of the most colorful and creative city plow trucks in Green Bay, if not the entire U.S.

Last month, the Public Works Department set aside three vehicles for a special art show. “The plows were given a safety theme. They went and did what they felt safety related to paint on the plows and they just did a phenomenal job,” said operations superintendent Tony Fietzer. Doug Beard, one of the participants, was particularly thrilled with his project’s outcome. Danielle Strebel, an instructor at the Cerebral Palsy Center, said: “You can tell by the reaction on his face that he is excited to be here.”

The Cerebral Palsy Center teachers used creative equipment to help their charges paint the large, awkward-shaped vehicles despite their disabilities. They attached brushes to broomsticks in order to reach higher areas, and provided extra help when needed. “We also used hand-over-hand assistance with Doug,” explained Strebel. “Put a paint brush in his hand and giving him assistance to paint the plow.” She added, “I think they’re very proud of the work that they came up with for today.” Fietzer said, “To see the pride that was involved with the organization, and the clients and staff is just phenomenal.”

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