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Cerebral Palsy Family Network Winners

Posted by on 8th Jan,2013 in Category News ~ Comments Off

The Cerebral Palsy Family Network has recently announced its winners for their recent photo and video contests. The winning families received the most votes from CPFN families and received iPads and apps that will assist with their therapies.

As CP Family Network Editor Lee Vander Loop explained, “This contest was a huge success and we were touched by the inspirational stories we received. We hope other families raising children with disabilities will benefit from the ideas and suggestions that were shared in the contest.”

The photo and video contests were called the “What Works for CP Kids” contests and they asked families to submit a photo or video that would share tips and tricks to help other cerebral palsy kids. There were more than 400 entries submitted in total with thousands of votes cast. The winners received a new iPad, OtterBox® case, and educational apps worth hundreds of dollars.

The two winners included a six year old girl, Halyn, from North Carolina and a five year old boy, Vinny, from Michigan. The Cerebral Palsy Family Network plans to follow these families in the coming months for updates about how they are using their prizes.

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