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Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation Fundraiser

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Last week saw the Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation holding a beautiful fundraiser at the Pierre Hotel. They raised $1 million, which was $400,000 above the goal that they had before the event.

In attendance was former Fed chairman Paul Volcker, who explained while holding back tears, that his son was born with cerebral palsy. When he couldn’t crawl, Volcker explained, “We wondered. We thought: What’s the matter? And then we were told with no uncertainty he had cerebral palsy.”

The Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation was founded in 1955 and supports research to help those with cerebral palsy. Volcker is currently the chairman of the foundation. His son, James, has gone on to be a husband and father to a 14 year old daughter. He is also a grant manager at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

While honoring his father with an award during the fundraising evening, James Volcker said, “I want to thank my father for helping me understand that cerebral palsy is just one aspect of my life.” Others in attendance included comedian Josh Blue, Bill Richards, Bill Williams and many others.

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