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Disabled Couple Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

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Last year, a young disabled couple from Mississauga won their battle against child welfare authorities for the right to keep their child and take care of him. It was argued at the time that Charles Wilton and Maricyl Palisoc – who both have cerebral palsy – would not be able to take care of a baby. They fought against this decision, won and have been enjoying their son ever since. While both parents have limited motor skills and slurred speech, their cognitive abilities are not affected by their cerebral palsy condition.

So when December 25th rolled around, Charles, Maricyl and baby William were extremely excited to be able to celebrate their first Christmas together as a family. And William was able to meet Santa Claus; such a normal rite of passage for kids with able-bodied parents, but a huge feat for him. Daddy Charles thereafter reported, “It was the most adorable moment of my life, being a dad.”

The family has encountered some tremendous backing. Support worker Ryan Machete was one particular individual who was very encouraging.  So much so that he maxed out his credit card for the family to pay for 24/7 support so that William could remain in the full-time care of his parents. Machete was definitely rewarded for his conviction that the family could manage perfectly well…he is now William’s godfather.
This entire episode has now become an inspiration for other disabled families. But as for William’s mom, she doesn’t see it that way, she just sees herself  “As a mom who wants the best for her child.”

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