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The Dream of Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Posted by on 22nd Dec,2013 in Category Blog ~ Comments Off

It’s not so unusual for a 7-year old to dream about becoming a police officer when they grow up. But in this case, it may be a bit harder. That is because Damon Freeze has cerebral palsy. Even though he can’t walk much and gets carried around a lot, mom Monica Barroso said “if that’s what he wants to do, we’ll support him all the way.”

And thus Damon got to meet Morgan Matthews of the Unified Police Department – who is a friend of his uncle. But Matthews was more than happy to help out Damon. Damon’s uncle told him about his nephew who has cerebral palsy and his dream to become a police officer and how meeting him would “sure make his day.”

Matthews was a police office for approximately a decade. Throughout this time he described these kinds of opportunities as being “among the most rewarding parts of the job.” Making a difference in somebody’s life by putting a smile on their face he explained, “makes it even more worth it to be a police officer.”


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