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Early Detection of Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral palsy, a condition caused by injury to an immature brain, is a movement and posture disorder. Children suffering from CP have trouble with daily activities as a result of both physical and mental disabilities. Though there is no cure for the condition, early detection and treatments may ease future discomfort as well as help improve mobility.

Experts recently advised parents to watch for early signs of cerebral palsy. These include delayed neck strength or inability to hold the head.

“There are certain developments milestones which the parents should monitor. More efforts are needed to make parents aware of the causes and to sensitize them about the prevention and treatment of this illness,” said pediatric orthopedic surgeon Sameer Desai of KEM Hospital.

He explains that three-month-old babies should be able to look towards toys and lift their necks, and begin to turn, crawl and sit between three to six months. Six through nine-month-old babies should crawl, sit and stand, and walk with support and hold a cup by the age of one year.

“Those children who fall behind in these milestones need a rehabilitation program,” Desai explained. He added that physiotherapy is extremely important, especially if started early.

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