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Everyday Superhero Highlights the Needs of Cerebral Palsy Sufferers

Posted by on 18th Dec,2012 in Category News ~ Comments Off

A new book, Everyday Superhero, is inspiring disabled children to understand their disabilities more and to preserver despite these difficulties. Written and self-published by Ottawa-based author Stefanie Moffatt, the story centers around Kat, a girl living with cerebral palsy.

Moffatt got the idea for the book by her niece, Katrina, who suffers from cerebral palsy and shows a strong spirit no matter what she faces.

As Moffatt explained, “I wanted to convey that even though a child has a disability, he or she still has huge potential — just like all of us.” As she continued, “I think grown-ups don’t always understand kids with disabilities. When I was growing up, kids with disabilities were not integrated into the classroom. Now attitudes have changed and we let kids like Kat in the classroom, so there needs to be more sensitivity.”

Moffatt hopes to get kids talking about cerebral palsy as a result of the book. She wants to get the books out in schools, childcare facilities, hospitals and libraries.

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