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Family Christmas Display Supports Child with Cerebral Palsy

Posted by on 29th Jan,2014 in Category News ~ Comments Off

The holiday season really brings out the best in people across the globe. The Clarkes, a family from Berry, Australia, recently spend over 24 hours creating a giant Christmas display in their yard in support of a two year old boy with cerebral palsy. Renee Clarke found out about the child, who suffers from level-four spastic quadriplegia as well as vision impairment and a form of liver cancer, and immediately set out to help.

Teaming up with her husband, who works in the milk industry, Renee and her two sons created a number of holiday-themed decorations using more than 1,000 milk cartons. The display includes a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a Santa sleigh and reindeer, a Christmas tree, and a full-sized maze for children. The Clarkes are also distributing flavored milk; all proceeds will go directly to Dexter and his family.

Mrs. Clarke explained that she was touched by Dexter’s story, and that she wanted to help his parents.

“We just want to get the word out, so we can help them as much as possible.”

Dexter’s mother Lenice said the past two years have been difficult, but that they have gotten to know quite a few genuine, kind-hearted people through their son.

“Our lives our richer because we have Dexter,” she said. “We appreciate everyone who loves our little boy. Your love makes the hard days just a little bit better.”

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