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Inspiring Book about Child with Cerebral Palsy

Posted by on 23rd Mar,2014 in Category Stories ~ Comments Off

Hercules Stergiou was born with cerebral palsy.  But that hasn’t stopped him from thriving at the mainstream Bowmore Road Junior and Senior Schools.  So successful has his integration been that Thelma Sambrook, school principal, decided to write a story about his first year in school.  This has now been published into a book called “All About Me – Hercules.”

It wasn’t easy in the beginning.  Hercules’ mom, Kristina, recalled how scared she was to take her son to school for the first time.  She told CTV Toronto, “It was very scary. I think the biggest fear for us was kids picking on him and him not being accepted.”

But he really has thrived.  And thus the idea emerged for the book.  As Sambrook explains, “I wanted it to be a positive story so that all families felt that school and kindergarten was a great place to be no matter what the child’s abilities were.”

Sometime later there was a celebration held at the school about Hercules’ story and the book launch with a ceremony at the school.  Dad Dimitrios commented that his son’s story can really be a “powerful lesson” on acceptance.  He added, “disabilities don’t make children different — it’s just what you see. Everybody is normal if you give them a chance.”

Some of the profits from the book will be donated to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children where Hercules goes twice a year to get injections in his legs to help his muscles grow.

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