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Janae Designs Helping the Disabled

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Born with cerebral palsy, Janae Hope Jones has had tremendous support and guidance from her talented father. Ollie Jones IV – an expert in engineering and business – manufactured specialized physical therapy and durable medical equipment for people with cerebral palsy through his company, Janae Designs.

Jones met individuals and organizations that lacked the financial resources for medical equipment and services that enhance one’s quality of life. This led to the launch in 2012 of the 501C3 nonprofit organization Hope 4 Mobility which seeks to give the financial means to buy these aids.

Since the organization’s launch, it has helped between 15 and 20 families. Donations have been given to Hope 4 Mobility such as Quantum Foundation which recently gave $10,000 which is enabling the foundation to help even more families. Indeed, as Jones said, the amount of funds received is directly related to how many people can be helped. Electric wheelchairs can cost up to $10,000 a piece.

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