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Krazy Kosci Climb Sets Sights on Mount Kosciuskzo

Posted by on 15th Mar,2014 in Category News ~ Comments Off

Hannah Diviney, 14, has not let her cerebral palsy get in the way of her goals. A student in Australia at Sylvania High School, she has taken part in a united climb of 9.2 kilometers up Mount Kosciuszko. The climb is called the Krazy Kosci Climb and it took place on February 22. Hannah, who uses a wheelchair and walking frame, made this her goal to raise money to buy specialized gym equipment and a gym program for other children with cerebral palsy.

She raised more than $10,000. As she said, ‘‘At first I thought it was completely nuts, but now we’re working with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to build as much momentum for it as possible.’’

AS the Krazy Kosci Climb website explained, “The Krazy Kosci Klimb is not only an exciting challenge, but an important fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.Funds raised from the challenge will go towards supporting and expanding our sports and recreation programs at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.”

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