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New Home for Cerebral Palsy Twins and Their Family

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Christopher and Amy Murray and their three children couldn’t be more
grateful. They just moved into a new four-bedroom home on Rebecca Road
in Massachusetts that was made possible by the Blackstone Valley
Regional Vocational Technical High School. Christopher and Amy are
both graduates of the school, and now approximately 200 students
helped to create the new home for them to assist them with their 10
year old boys with cerebral palsy.

As the school’s health service instructor Janice Muldoon-Moors said,
“It was a tremendous effort by the students at the school.” The
Valley Tech vocational coordinator Thomas R. Bellard added, “I am
absolutely proud of the efforts of the students at the school.”

The Murray’s twins have spastic quadriphegia cerebral palsy which
keeps them from being able to move their arms or legs. Now, the new
house will include a lift in the boys’ bedroom to help them get out of
bed; a powered chair that can bring them to their specially equipped
bathroom and other handicapped-accessible amenities.

The school helped the family to fulfill a dream. As Amy Murray’s
mother, Linda Sharon, explained, “This is my daughter and her
husband’s dream. Their goal was to have a totally handicapped house by
the time the boys were 10.”

“It’s a world of change,” said Christopher Murray of the new house.
“It will mean so much for the safety of the boys and us.”

The home also includes a state-of-the-art sprinkler system to help the
family in case there is ever a fire. The new sprinkler system cost
about $10,000, according to Tim Christie whose company Viking
SupplyNet donated the equipment.

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