Preventing Birth Injuries with the Use of In-Utero Steroids

One of the most physically, emotionally, and financially stressful ordeals that a new mother and family can endure, a premature childbirth is often ripe with risk and medical complications. Once a doctor, medical clinic, or hospital suspects that a baby may be born prematurely, they must act swiftly, ensuring that they make every effort to prevent against a birth injury like cerebral palsy or sepsis.

When a baby is born before the 34th week of pregnancy has passed, they remain susceptible to syndromes like severe respiratory distress. To prevent against this effectively, it’s imperative that a physician or medical practitioner actively monitors the lung development of the fetus. Should a doctor detect any signs of underdeveloped lungs, he or she must administer a corticosteroid like Betamethasone to the mother immediately.

A crucial tool in prenatal medicine, Betamethasone directly aids in the maturation of fetal lungs. As it spurs the growth of a baby’s lungs, the drug also supports the baby’s circulatory system. In any case, regardless of the circumstance, Betamethasone should be mentioned as a precaution against potential birth injuries.

Risk of Underdeveloped Lungs

When a baby is born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs, they require the lipoprotein called surfactant to open their airways sufficiently. Babies that lack surfactant will often suffer collapsed alveoli—making it extremely difficult for them to breathe. With stiff lungs, a baby is then prone to further complications, infection, and respiratory illnesses.

Premature babies suffering from respiratory distress become more prone to hypoxia—limited in the amount of oxygen that reaches their brains. If improperly treated, extended bouts of hypoxia can result in birth injuries like hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and cerebral palsy.

Preventing Against Birth Injuries

By far, proper monitoring of a fetus is the most effective way to prevent against birth injuries like cerebral palsy. During their years as medical practitioners, our attorneys witnessed the dangers of negligent prenatal care first-hand. Doctors who neglect their duties, ignoring the development of fetal lungs, must be held responsible.

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