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Riding Towards Success

Posted by on 30th Mar,2014 in Category News ~ Comments Off

One little girl in Lubbock, Texas just received quite a treat. Kira Berry, age 4, has cerebral palsy. Her parents were originally told that her physical and mental age wouldn’t surpass 5 months. But this has not been the case, and her parents have been constantly pushing her and assisting her to do and be more.

Recently, AMBUCS, the American Business Club, arrived at her house with a new Tryke. AMBUCS provides mobility to kids with disabilities by offering therapeutic bikes and other riding vehicles. Kira’s parents, Chris and Tiffany, were part of the surprise. Chris and Tiffany adopted Kira. As Tiffany said, “We didn’t originally request a special needs child. But we started volunteering with an organization called Night Owls.”

Night Owls offers babysitting services for children with special needs. Chris and Tiffany heard that there was a little girl who needed a home. They first saw her when she was nine months old and they adopted her when she was one and a half. As Chris said, “Once we found out she was special needs we thought… God would have it this way and knew she was our daughter. It didn’t really matter what she had.”

“We couldn’t imagine our lives without Kira,” Tiffany says. “She’s determined and fun and smart and just a joy.” And now she is blessed with a new riding vehicle to help her with her mobility.

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