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Transportation for Cerebral Palsy Child

Posted by on 12th Jan,2013 in Category Stories ~ Comments Off

When 11-year-old Basil Hirth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it was clear that his parents Margaret and Basil Hirth would need to find a way to transport him with his wheelchair. The problem is, as he continues to grow, so does the size of his wheelchair. This has now rendered it impossible for his parents to place him in their pickup truck and there is no longer a way to transport Basil.

Although Basil does not communicate verbally, his mother says she is grateful that he is a happy child. He enjoys swimming and music, specifically AC/DC. He laughs and his aware of his surroundings and is able to respond in his own way. Margaret believes they just have to work out how to get what is going on inside of his head, out; something she feels is probably a huge frustration for him. The way she copes is by taking “one day at a time.” She would be more than happy to talk to families in the community dealing with the same issue.

So when the Hirths received $20,000 from the President’s Choice Children’s Charity grant, they were extremely delighted and relieved. The money will be put toward the cost of converting a van to load and upload Basil in his wheelchair. Mrs. Hirth was so happy, she was overcome with tears as she spoke of her relief at receiving this money, especially since it is usually she who has to lift Basil from his wheelchair into the van.

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