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Tyler Perry Making a Difference for Cerebral Palsy Woman

Posted by on 2nd Dec,2012 in Category News ~ Comments Off

Sometimes people really are listening to the prayers of others. Filmmaker Tyler Perry just proved himself to be such a listener. After seeing a news report from Georgia that a DeKalb woman with cerebral palsy had her specially-equipped van stolen from her driveway, Perry sprang into action.The Channel 2 Action News report explained that her van was stolen right from her driveway, and that it allowed her to get to her job at Home Depot and to necessary doctors’ appointments.

Calling Channel 2, Tyler Perry explained that he wanted to buy her a brand new van. Day, who is wheelchair bound, told the news station that she had no idea how she would get around without the van. While she prides herself on being independent, she couldn’t possibly replace the $60,000 van that she had. When Perry called Day to tell her of his plans she said, “My mouth just dropped to the floor when I heard his voice.” The Home Depot is also pitching in, and she’ll be meeting the company president this week.

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