Led by lawyers who were trained as doctors and hold medical degrees, our team is uniquely qualified to investigate and pursue medical negligence claims. 

Because we hold both Legal and Medical degrees is why so many parents seeking justice for their child with Cerebral Palsy choose Gershon, Willoughby & Getz, LLC, and why others with serious and permanent injuries from medical mistakes seek out our counsel.

We were there as medical students – at labors and deliveries, following fetal monitor tracings and witnessing how birth complications can develop – and how the attending doctors and nurses dealt with the Cerebral Palsy issues.

We have completed rotations through pediatrics, obstetrics, radiology, and neurology as well, and therefore understand how to distinguish the normal developing fetus and baby from one with problems that could lead to or be evidence of Cerebral Palsy.

We understand the confusing medical terminology and know the procedures described in the medical records and following our completion of medical school we decided to take what we learned to fight on behalf of injured patients. Now we only practice law and we only represent the injured.

Our experiences, and the knowledge we have gained along the way, have enabled us to “read between the lines” of delivery and prenatal records. Usually, we can determine whether medical malpractice caused your child’s Cerebral Palsy or Birth Injury the very day we receive the medical records. This is even before these records are sent out to practicing doctors for expert review. This saves you and your child time and allows us to process your case quickly.