Being Aware of the Dangers, and the Resource After a Volvulus Misdiagnosis

One of the most unfortunate and tragic of misdiagnoses that can occur during a pregnancy and delivery relates to the condition of volvulus.

Volvulus, when it occurs, involves a twisting of the intestine—thereby blocking blood flow to cells in the intestines and the rest of the fetus. Usually, we associate volvulus with a condition we call intestinal malrotation.

The Symptoms of Intestinal Malrotation

Within a year, babies born with intestinal malrotations will exhibit symptoms of this condition, as an acute and chronic disease affects their GI tracts.

  •  Bowel obstructions may be the most ubiquitous of symptoms; usually seen in an infant’s first week of life. Although volvulus may go undiagnosed at times, it is fatal enough that it cannot go ignored for long.
  • Because of intestinal malrotations, babies’ heart rates may be quickened.
  • A swollen abdomen, drawing up of the legs, and bodily pain may also be clear indicators of intestinal malrotation—aggravating into volvulus.
  • Most conspicuous and concerning of all, bloody stool, rectal bleeding, and diarrhea may also be visible.

Diagnosing Volvulus

If your infant has been affected by volvulus or intestinal malrotations, you don’t have to bear the burden and the pain alone. The lawyers at our Baltimore firm specialize in cases of volvulus and cerebral palsy, wielding their medical experience and legal knowledge. During a free and confidential consultation with you, we’ll explain some of the steps you can begin to take, with an evaluation and diagnosis being one of them.

In the care of a physician, your baby may be examined through abdominal X-rays, blood tests, or stool guaiac. A barium swallow procedure may be implemented, allowing us to obtain clear and direct evidence of any blockages in your baby’s GI tract.

Understanding Your Legal Options

Once we have enough evidence gathered, our volvulus and cerebral palsy attorneys will make a legal case against the doctor, medical center, or hospital that failed to diagnose and treat against volvulus and intestinal malrotation. During the process, we will confer with you constantly as we utilize all the tools and resources at our disposal to bring you closure and assistance during your harshest hour.

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