Blood Clots: A Serious Condition That Can Result from Medical Negligence

When you undergo surgery or are hospitalized, whether it’s for an injury, illness, or during pregnancy and childbirth, you’re at risk for developing blood clots. Your doctor should be able to identify that risk and treat it by prescribing blood-thinning medications or the use of compression stockings. But blood clots still affect hundreds of thousands…Read More >>

Get The Representation You Need in Nursing Malpractice Cases

The medical malpractice attorneys at Gershon, Willoughby & Getz, LLC are who to rely on when you need representation in a nursing malpractice case. Unfortunately, in some instances, nursing malpractice occurs causing victims to need professional representation. Learn more about how our law firm can help in the following video.

Bringing Wrongful Birth Cases to Trial

A wrongful birth claim is a legal case in which the parents of a child with a congenital disease claim their doctor failed to warn of the risks associated with conceiving or giving birth to a child with a serious congenital or genetic abnormality. As the area’s trusted cerebral palsy injury lawyers, the team at…Read More >>