Worst Case Scenario: Amputation as a Result of Medical Neglect

Currently, approximately two million people in America are living with an amputation. Amputations are known to be caused by tragic incidents like car accidents and military combat. These types of catastrophic events usually entail amputation because of a severe injury, where there is no way to avoid losing the limb. Medical malpractice, however, is a…Read More >>

Dealing with a Delay in Diagnosing Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is never anything short of a devastating experience. Your whole world seems to come to a sudden halt, and a million thoughts and questions naturally begin to race through your mind: How has this happened to me? How will my children and family respond? Why didn’t I listen to everything the…Read More >>

Internal Radiation Burns Prove Troubling For Cancer Patients

When developing ground-breaking treatments for life-threatening illnesses, sometimes unwanted side effects come to light years after the procedure is initially implemented. As more and more affected individuals come to the forefront, a new form of malpractice is being examined to avoid future occurrences.   Chemotherapy causes painful side effects. That is no secret. But one…Read More >>