Families stuck in terrible medical malpractice predicaments often don’t know what to do.  A couple in Michigan gives birth to a child, with all of the hopes and dreams that are attached to that experience. And, through the fault of a medical team, the baby is born with a brain injury that results in cerebral palsy. In a situation of this sort, the family deserves the compensation that will allow them to care for their child –and to do so without the financial hardships that so many would face under these circumstances. And the child deserves compensation for the medical malpractice that has resulted in his situation.

Our job, at Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC as doctors and lawyers trained to deal with medical malpractice in Michigan, is to assist families in these situations.  We assist families who have experienced a devastating medical malpractice situation in receiving the financial recoveries that they are entitled to – and that they need for their future. Our law firm determines if the cerebral palsy is due to a doctor or nurse’s mistake and we can work to create accountability for the terrible, preventable error that has occurred.
Here, we offer a wealth of resources to assist families in Michigan to deal with their situation when their child is born with or diagnosed with cerebral palsy or another disability as a result of medical malpractice.

Cerebral Palsy Programs in Michigan
United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan
United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan connects people with disabilities to the opportunities and resources needed to live productive and independent lives. UCP Michigan believes that every person with a disability has a right to be a full member of his or her community. UCP Michigan knows that people with disabilities and their families will have to work hard to get the services they need, and that parents of children with cerebral palsy need information and support as they search for answers and services. UCP wants to be there for parents of children with cerebral palsy and for people with disabilities when they need information about their rights and about how to go about getting the services and equipment they need.

United Cerebral Palsy of MI
3401 East Saginaw Suite 216
Lansing, MI 48912 512-203-1200 (800) 828-2714 (in MI)
United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Detroit
23077 Greenfield, Suite 205
Southfield, MI 48075
(248) 557-5070

Cerebral Palsy Program of the University of Michigan Health System
The Cerebral Palsy Program at the University of Michigan is designed to meet the needs of patients across the lifespan including adulthood and the critical period of transitioning from adolescence into adulthood. Cerebral palsy is not a single condition; rather it describes a wide range of physical and developmental problems that can follow damage to a child’s developing brain. People with cerebral palsy can have problems with control of movement, muscle tone, weakness, reflexes and balance. Mentoring opportunities for individuals with CP are provided through a partnership with the Center for Independent Living. Our team is looking forward to serving your needs.

Cerebral Palsy Program Clinic Location:
Burlington Building
325 E Eisenhower Parkway
Floor 1, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-5744
Phone: 734-936-7175
Fax: 734-764-9439

The Cerebral Palsy Outreach Network
The Cerebral Palsy Outreach Network is an Internet resource for children and adults with cerebral palsy (CP) and their families. The mission of CPON (pronounced C-PON) is to: help families find needed services and resources, with a special focus on mid-Michigan; provide up-to-date scientific information to families about CP; and highlight recent Michigan CP related events, conferences and research projects develop research on the causes and management of CP. CPON was initially funded by United Cerebral Palsy Research and Education Foundation.  We are located at Michigan State University in the Department of Epidemiology, and our website is run by CPON’s research team.
The Cerebral Palsy Outreach Network
Michigan State University
B601 West Fee Hall
East Lansing, MI  48824

Government Assistance for Cerebral Palsy

For a family dealing with a cerebral palsy child, the financial burdens can have a major impact. The child will undoubtedly need treatments, equipment, medications, therapies, possible surgeries and more.  Fortunately, there are many government assistance programs that can help families in Michigan to deal with these costs and to receive assistance.  Certainly, this list is not all-inclusive, but it should offer a starting point for the family struggling financially to deal with their child with cerebral palsy.


This federally funded, state run program helps low-income individuals and families who qualify.  While the exact assistance is dependent on the economic needs of the family and the restrictions of the program, the typical assistance includes vision care, immunizations, hospitalizations, dental work, screenings and more.  There are also home health services that are offered through Medicaid. To find out about Medicaid and to see if you qualify for these services, contact:

National Medicaid Resources
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
7500 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21244
Program Information:

State Medicaid Resources
Michigan Medicaid Health Care Program
Michigan Department of Community Health
Capitol View Building
201 Townsend Street
Lansing, Michigan 48913
Contact Information:


This federally funded program provides assistance to people over 65 and to those under 65 who have disabilities.  The local Social Security Administration offices in the State help families and individuals to determine if they are eligible for Medicare.  In addition, the Social Security Administration can offer information about other programs that they have to assist individuals with specific medical conditions. Such programs include the SSI program, TANF, food stamps and more.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
7500 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21244
(800)MEDICARE or (800)633-4227 or TTY (877)486-2048

CHIP: The Children’s Health Insurance Program offers a low-cost way to get health insurance for uninsured children whose parents make too much money for Medicaid, but too little to have their own private insurance. With CHIP, a child with cerebral palsy who is determined to be eligible might receive assistance for preventative care and routine check-ups, for immunizations and hospital visits and more. For more information contact:

Michigan Child Health Insurance Program
Capitol View Building
201 Townsend Street
Lansing, Michigan 48913