Occupational therapy helps the cerebral palsy child to improve in many areas that deal with fine motor skills. It can be used from a very early age, and is certainly beneficial as the child starts to enter a structured school environment.

Occupational therapy focuses on improving the child’s ability to sit, to get around independently using crutches or a wheelchair, and to perform tasks that require detail like writing and cutting.

In addition, the occupational therapist helps the child to develop living skills like feeding, dressing, and maintain personal hygiene. Learning these skills helps boost self-reliance and self-esteem and reduce demands on caregivers and family.

When starting out with an occupational therapist, the therapist will do an intake appointment to assess the needs. Parents should feel comfortable asking the therapist to explain their program and the goals that they are setting for the child. The child may also have homework to do and parents can help with this homework and increase the skills set that the child has.