Assistive technology may also be important to the CP child. These services can include:

Communication devices which range from simple to the technologically complicated. CP children use communication boards which comprise pictures, symbols, letters, and words by pointing to or looking at the pictures or symbols and thus conveying and expressing their thoughts.

More advanced devices like Augmentative communication devices enable the child to communicate – “talk” – with others.
Computer technology which runs the gamut from electronic toys with specially adapted switches to computer programs which are handicapped enabled and are operated by switch pads or keyboard adaptations.

It is remarkable to see how the brain finds ways of adapting to new conditions such as post injury or illness. Never-the-less, it is impossible for parents to anticipate their child’s future. While therapy and case management can help, the most essential treatment the child can receive is love and encouragement, including wherever possible, practical typical childhood experiences with family, and friends. With the right proportions of support, equipment, time, and accommodations, CP children can become successful learners and full participants in life.