Recent studies have shown that Botox can also help alleviate some of the symptoms because of a protein that blocks the release of acetycholine that transmits signals between the muscles and nerves.

Botox, or botulinum toxin type A, is a muscle-soothing compound that decreases stiffness in muscles or spasms in a particular muscle.

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Produced from the bacterium that leads to food poisoning, it might be best known for its use as a cosmetic, but minute doses have proven useful in treatment of muscle spasticity of patients suffering from cerebral palsy.

When Botox is injected into stiff spastic muscles, the transmitting signals between nerves and concerned muscles are blocked, which relaxes the muscles and reduces tautness.

Once the drug starts working on the muscles that have been injected, doctors and therapy specialists can try to extend these muscles and generate normal muscle activity.

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Use of of Botox in cerebral palsy patients has been linked to several beneficial factors, for example, relief during extending limbs, enhancement in the child’s movement, better adaptation to braces, and growth enhancements when the child crawls, stands, or walks.

Data from videos of the gait of CP children, augmented by reports by doctors, families, and researchers reveal that nearly 90% of the children suffering from muscle spasticity  who received Botox treatments displayed marked improvement.

The physical and emotional benefits of Botox in cerebral palsy cases have been impressive. Numerous children evaluated during treatments were capable of doing much more by their own such as eating or even using a sink faucet. Some were able to place and balance a pen for the first time, and write. Others were able to communicate using a computer screen.

Botox works best in children under the age of six when bones are still in their developmental phase prior to the onset of bone growth and associated deformities.

The muscle relaxing effect of Botox treatment for cerebral palsy patients lasts between three to six months.  Treatments can be repeated. Doctors have not noticed any complications in prolonged treatment of Botox for Cerebral palsy patients. Even the need for surgery can be reduced by this remarkable treatment.

Even though the beneficial aspects of treating CP children with Botox are becoming increasingly obvious, it is still not a common and popular method of treatment. This is due to the lack of availability of the treatment in certain geographic locations because of a shortage of funding.