Understanding the Dangers of Hyperbilirubinemia in Newborns

The final weeks leading up to a baby’s delivery can be the most crucial during a pregnancy. It falls to an experienced, and responsible physician to ensure that mothers and babies can pass these days smoothly, and safely, without causing health problems for either. Because two of our top birth injury lawyers were trained as medical physicians, they understand everything that a doctor should be doing at this most pivotal stage and in the minutes after a successful delivery.

Unfortunately, instances of malpractice and misdiagnosis during pregnancy have increased in recent years. One occurrence in particular that alarms us, and requires our legal support is the condition known as hyperbilirubinemia.

Definition of the Condition

When a newborn is developing in the womb, complications may occur that affect how the neonate liver processes the yellow bile that is bilirubin. In fact, if too much fetal hemoglobin is rapidly produced and the baby’s liver can’t break the bilirubin down, this can case excessive bilirubin excretion into the baby’s bloodstream.

Potentials for Malpractice

At Gershon, Willoughby, & Getz, our birth injury lawyers have been serving the Baltimore area, taking up cases of malpractice resulting from excessive bilirubin in infants.

Upon observing any symptoms of hyperbilirubinemia in a newborn, doctors should quickly order that a baby’s blood be tested for high levels of bilirubin. When visible, symptoms can include a yellowing of the facial skin, a yellowing of the whites of a baby’s eyes, lethargy, and unwillingness to feed.

Responding to the Condition

Once a physician has reason to believe that an infant is suffering from jaundice, he or she should then administer phototherapy, thereby reducing bilirubin levels in the blood of the baby. In order to maximize the efficacy of such a treatment, doctors must also identify any other potential liver diseases that the baby may be suffering. A failure to respond in a swift and authoritative manner can aggravate the condition even further, resulting in damage to the infant’s brain.

Assessing Your Malpractice Case

If you believe your infant has been affected by hyperbilirubinemia, our lawyers will do all they can to study your case and bring you justice. Utilizing our medical expertise and knowledge of the law, we’ll identify the exact instances of malpractice and compensation that you, and your infant and loved ones are owed.

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