Many times a misdiagnosis can lead to an unnecessary surgery. Other times an unnecessary surgery comes from medical decision, which ignored other options altogether.  Many times surgery is chosen because of its expediency as opposed to other more conventional methods.

Not all surgery should be considered an outcome of negligence, but many times it can be wrongfully used and acts as an unnecessary invasion for the patient involved. Although a surgery is not considered negligent, if it is unnecessary and results in injury, the doctor can be considered negligent for the surgery’s outcome.

In a situation where a patient believes that he has been wronged due to an unnecessary surgery, he has the ability to seek counsel. Qualified lawyers will assess the situation and evaluate whether a wrong has, indeed, been committed. Certainly, lawyers like those at Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC are intimately aware of the medical issues that can arise with unnecessary surgery. They have lawyers on their team who are also doctors, allowing them to more skillfully understand the nuance of issues involved in situations of this type.