Dopaminergic medicines are used to treat Parkinson’s Disease and its related motor function problems. Several of these drugs may benefit Cerebral Palsy patients. Although studies have not yet been done on Cerebral Palsy patients, many physicians are confident that Dopaminergic medicines can help these patients as well.

One of the major symptoms of Cerebral Palsy is abnormal movements of the legs which occur because the brain is not wired correctly, resulting in a misfiring of chemicals in the brain that causes severe muscle pains.

Dopaminergic Medicines are used to treat restless leg syndrome which also causes severe uncontrolled leg movements. Senemet and Artane are the two major Dopaminergic drugs which doctors feel are effective in treating cerebral palsy.

The effectiveness of these two drugs is a function of the severity of the cerebral palsy. They are usually given at an early age because of their negative side effects on older patients.  Dopaminergic medicines block nerve impulses from the brain to the arms and legs which help motor function as well as movement.

CP patients using Dopaminergic drugs occasionally experience a relapse during treatment. However the overall effect does show improvement. These medicines help balance the dopamine levels in the brain.